The largest 3-way model, Trunkquility 3.2 disposes of the same highefficiency midrange driver as model 3.1. For the bass range a similar 30 cm driver is used as for the model 2.5 (100 mm voice coil diameter and 13 mm linear displacement. To cope with the high maximum sound pressure level of far over 110 dB @ 1, a 25 mm driver with horn covers the high frequencies. Supplied with a PETP-film membrane and a horn with a staged parabolic, exponential and hyperbolic characteristic, milled in the solid trunk, it is built as a spherical horn. Similar to the 2.5 model the sound reproduction gives the ultimate kick.

Equipped with a 300 mm bass driver, a 130 mm midrange driver and a 25 mm horn driver plus spherical horn.

Size ca. 120 x 40 cm (H x Ø) in pine, ground surface.