Starting from a massive trunk, it takes over 150 hours of hand crafting to perfectly adjust the acoustic components to the Trunkquility housing.

1 Trunkquility Oak 2.5 (oak with bark)

2 Trunkquility Beech 2.0 (beech, ground surface)

3 Trunkquility Pine 2.4 (pine, ground surface)

4 Trunkquility Birch 2.1 (birch with bark)

5 Trunkquility Birch 2.4 (birch with bark)

6 Trunkquility Beech 2.3 (beech, ground surface)

7 Trunkquility Pine 3.2 (pine, ground surface)

Each pair of Trunkquility speakers is the result of extensive craftsmanship combining the sound know-how of wood processing and profound acoustic knowledge. The fully manual processing requires upto 150 hours of labour for a single speaker. The process includes selecting, cutting, gentle drying, milling, grinding and varnishing to the configuration of the technical components. The substantial characteristic of each tree – slight asymmetries, the specific coloration of the wood and individual textures, either with bark or ground – will be conserved. Each speaker has its own identity.

The unique combination of natural wood cabinets and perfect High-End Audio technology produces a warm, natural and simultaneously brilliant sound at all volumes over the entire frequency range without any distortion or vibration.

Most domestic wood types, e.g. oak, beech, pine, birch etc., can be used for the cabinet material. The individual properties of the wood types require a careful selection for their suitability, and whether the bark can remain or has to be removed.