This passive 3-way loudspeaker with the new patented coaxial unit gives an extreme sound experience.

The spherical midrange horn with its incomparable dynamics at maximum efficiency is combined with an integrated Karlson-coupler for the highest frequencies, yielding a perfect coaxial unit without any phase-offset. The 2“-beryllium membrane of the high frequency driver is setting the basis for a crystal clear analytic reproduction of the uppermost sound range. Two bass cabinets per channel with 46 cm drivers and front folded horns leave nothing to be desired in the lowest frequency range and make the Equilibrium III to an ultimate in sound reproduction.

The midrange horn, with excessively effort built from massive blocks of natural stone together with the bass-bins, finished in classy piano lacquer are, apart from their acoustic performance, an absolute eye-catcher – an outstanding design. This is not only an audio system, but a true object s’art. It is setting a benchmark in the class of luxury audio-systems.