This passive 4-way loudspeaker delivers a slightly brighter sound compared to Equilibrium III by dividing the sound spectrum into four ways.

A smaller coaxial unit with smaller drivers and lighter membranes and a smaller horn is combined with the low-frequency spherical horn from the Equilibrium III model. The conceptional buildup is similar: 1“-Beryllium membrane for the tweeter driver, spherical horns and two extremely powerful bass-horns with two 46 cm-drivers per channel. Designed and manufactured in the most excessive ways – spherical horns in natural stone, bass-bins in piano lacquer, most sophisticated audio components etc. - Equilibrium IV delivers the unprecedented, ultimate sound experience and sets the benchmark in the class of luxury audio-systems.

A less cost-intensive version of Equilibrium IV is offered as well: The bass-bins and the low-mid-Horn will be hidden behind a wall. Only visible is the graceful coaxial unit. Contact us for details.