New Trunkquility models.

Trunquility 3.0 in oak

The smallest 3-way speaker model with downfire bass has been finished after 6 months of careful drying and 132 hours of craftmanship. The oak cabinet has a ground surface after removing bark and sap wood. The very erect trunk fell during a storm last October and striked dead a smaller beech, which was spared the destiny of ordinary firewood and in an act of grace was given the chance to become the Trunkquility model 2.4 (see below). The sound of 3.0: a revelation!

Trunquility 3.1 in oak:

Ths model with bark, built from the same fallen oak tree as 3.0 could already be seen at the Munich fair. Over 6 months of drying and 184 hours of craftmanship create indeed an very personal relationship to each speaker. Increasing the maximum power handling further compared to model 3.0 the 3.1 models have a very similar sound reproduction.

Trunquility 2.2 in spruce:

Hard to believe, that with two tiny 88 mm low-midrange drivers the frequency curve decreases only below 40 Hz. With their low membrane mass of 4 g the impulse response is superfast. They have Neodyms as magnetic assemblies.

Trunquility 2.4 in beech:

The above mentioned beech tree having been striked dead by the large oak. Lacquered with matt varnishit gives a similar haptic feeling and visual impression like the pure untreated ground beech wood.

Trunquility 2.4 in birch:

This 2.4 model in birch wood has been equipped with different drivers: a low-mid driver with paper-glassfibre membrane + phase plug and the Illuminator tweeter from Scanspeak.

Trunkquility 2.1 in Douglas fir:

The model 2.1 in Douglas fir slightly darkened.

Trunkquility 2.3 in spruce:

The model 2.3 in spruce slightly darkened.

Trunkquility 2.3 in maple wood:

The model 2.3 in maple wood with a different low-mid driver (aluminum membrane and phase plug).

In preparation:

Trunkquility 3.0 in maple wood, ground surface: finished ca. October 2017

Trunkquility 3.1 In oak, ground surface: finished ca. January 2018

Trunkquility 2.5 in oak with bark: finished ca. February2018

Since the HiFi magazines only visited the expensive booths in the upper levels and avoided going down to the less expensive booths in the Hades (basement floor), we are happy that at least AV-Showrooms from New York visited our booth and was very impressed by the sound and design of our speakers.