Equilibrium. The perfectly balanced loudspeakers

These luxury audio systems are created in up to 700 hours of devoted craftsmanship

Only one word fits the horn-series of speakers – “extraordinary”. Excessive production effort, profound knowledge in fabrication of stone and 40 years of sound experience in loudspeaker building provided the basis. These speakers perform not only an outstanding sound reproduction, creating authentic "Live" atmosphere even in very large rooms: the design is impressive, made of exclusive natural stone. Not just a speaker – a beautiful object d'art.

The basic shape of the spherical midrange horns is accomplished on a large 5-axis CNC-machine. In over 200 to 300 hours a blank of the horn is milled in fine steps from a massive block of natural stone. The final grinding is done in up to 180 hours of manual labour on a rotary disc. Only people with a special devotion to their work are able to do such an excessive effort.

As Equilibrium loudspeakers are completely custom made, our customers can choose from a variety of natural stone materials and colors in marble or granite to provide a unique design harmonizing with and enhancing their living environment.

Equilibrium III in (1) Star Galaxy (2) Verde Lapponia (3) Azul Macauba