Trunkquility 2.5 is an extraordinary 2-way speaker model – it is a full omnidirectional speaker. This principle allows a better spatial feeling of the music, even for areas with less than optimum speaker arrangements.Equipped with the outstanding mid-high-range DDD driver from German Physiks and a 30cm bass driver with 100 mm voice coil diameter and 13 mm linear displacement, this model is a synonym of ultimate sound.

A bass-drum stands authentic and live in front of the listener and in case of a grand orchestra you’ll sit even for heavy fortissimo progressions in the first row of the audience – even in large listening rooms.

Size ca. 130 x 50 cm (H x Ø) in oak with bark.

Equipped with a 300 mm bass driver and the omnidirectional DDD-driver from German Physiks.